"Goddess Yoga Self Love Ritual"
Learn How To Awaken Your Sensual Inner Goddess and find Self Love  With Your
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MEDITATE - Custom Self Love Meditation at the end of your Goddess Yoga Practice. 
MOVE - Learn the Art of Sacred and Sensual Movement through your Goddess Yoga Practice. 
MANIFEST - Learn the Goddess Yoga Manifesting Method that will lead you to breakthroughs in finding more Self Love.
Christina Joy 
"Goddess Yoga opened me to my Sensual and Feminine Self "

Hello Beautiful Goddesses,
 A little about me... As I began my journey to Awaken My Inner Goddess, I initially thought this was a way to explore a more playful yoga practice and was also hungry to connect with my most sensual & feminine self
~The Shakti Energy~ I did find exactly just that, but also found sooo much more in Goddess Yoga that opened my heart & uplifted my soul. It is the ritual of Goddess Cards, Essential oils, and Meditation. I found this supportive community of women connecting deeply into the layers of our hearts. And it is the sensual & dynamic movements of the practice that allowed me to experience my most feminine & creative self. With this new found zest for life, I am learning to "wear life like a loose garment" & have released myself from the tight grip of the stress that had come over me. Goddess Yoga International is a beautiful community that empowers & supports women to release emotional blocks & create new patterns on the journey of self transformation. Goddess Yoga is a way of freedom! I love Goddess Yoga so much that I decided to get certified to teach The Goddess Yoga Experince and am grateful to be of service supporting other women on the path to their freedom!


Holly began her journey in practicing yoga over 15 years ago.
Her love for Goddess Yoga comes from seeing how quickly women re-connect with their sensual, feminine power in this unique practice. She is constantly inspired by the women who step into their Greatness and really find their Voice and Purpose through Goddess Yoga.


“I take a passionate stand for reconnecting women to their power and pleasure ”.