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"Awaken Your Inner Goddess" 
Discovery Session with Holly Zacchino, Founder and CEO
Your first step to becoming a Goddess Yoga Instructor is to fill out this application and fo the request of a Complimentary "Awaken Your Inner Goddess" Discovery Session (Valued at $197).

In our conversation, we will explore if Goddess Yoga is a good fit for you and if you qualify for one of the Sacred Spaces in our next teacher training, to become certified in the Art of Sacred and Sensual Movement that Reconnects women to their Pleasure and Activates them in their Power. 

I look forward to reading your application and speaking with you soon! 

​​​​​​​The Goddess in Me Honors the Goddess in You, 

​​​​​​​Holly Zacchino, CEO and Founder
​​​​​​​Goddess Yoga International, LLC. 
Sensuality Expert to Women Worldwide